Tree Frog Soup with Rattlesnake


This is the first recipe we cooked from Lipsmackin’ Backpackin’. With such a ridiculous name, it was hard to turn it down. The recipe is incredibly simple and surprisingly delicious. All you need is split pea soup mix, Spam, and water. Is your mouth watering yet? Trust us, this is a hearty meal you will love. It doesn’t look or sound like much, but man, this is a game changer for Spam and split pea soup. We bring our MSR Pocket Rocket stove to cook this meal because the stove is light-weight and takes up minimal space, and the recipe requires more than heating up water.

When you are ready for dinner simply boil the amount of water specified on the soup mix. While the water is boiling chop the Spam into chucks. Once the water has come to boil, stir in the soup mix and spam. Stir for a couple of minutes until the soup has thickened. We added some instant rice to the soup to add a little substance, but that is definitely optional. Other yummy additions include couscous, bacon bits, or diced vegetables.  Bon appetit!

Frog Soup
Mmmm…tasty goodness


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