Roasting the Perfect Hot Dog

Summer nights are here and they are filled with starry nights, campfires and friends. A campfire isn’t complete without roasting hot dogs and s’mores. Here’s our fool-proof method to making sure it is a [hot] dog-gone good time!

Whittle a Hot Dog Stick

  1. Find a strong stick

The worst thing that can happen when roasting wieners is watching your hot dog plummet into the fire. This can easily be avoided by using a strong stick. You can’t use a tree trunk, but pick a stick that has at least the diameter of a #2 pencil. The stick should also be a couple feet long so your arm isn’t cooking with the hot dog.

  1. Whittle a sharp point

There is a lot of satisfaction in carving a sharp point at the end a stick. Whittling a stick cleans off the dirt and debris, and makes it easier to put the hot dog on the stick. If you somehow managed to go your entire childhood without whittling a stick then, thankfully, Art of Manliness has written in-depth instructions on whittling.

A perfectly whittled stick

  1. Wait for a hot bed of coals

I get it – you’re hungry by the time camp has been set up and the fire is lit. Still, practice a little self-control and wait until there is a hot bed of coals in the fire. Hot coals allow for even heat and the perfect crispiness with a hot-n-juicy center. A flame without decent coals has sporadic heat and may lead to burnt hot dog with a cold center.

  1. Rotate frequently

Once the bed of coals is established, the next crucial step is to rotate the hot dog frequently. No one wants to be teased by a hot-n-juicy bite immediately followed by a cold bite; when in doubt, rotate!

  1. Toast the bun

There is no better way to enjoy a fire-roasted hot dog than on a freshly toasted bun. Use the same whittled stick from the hot dog to poke a hole in the bun. This is quick and easy, however chances are you will only toast the outside of the bread. To toast the inside, open the bun and hang it over the whittled stick along the bum crack, I mean bun crack. Another, and by far easier, method is to simply open prop the bun a on rock on or inside the fire ring. You may get some dirt in your food, but that is part of the camping experience.

Roasting Hot Dogs

Now get out there and start roastin’ and toastin’ the perfect hot dog! Frankly, I just wanted to write some bad hot dog puns, but hopefully you gained some useful tips. Don’t forget the condiment packets!

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