Why We are Driving the Pan American Highway

Or, why we’re excited to spend every day living in our truck

Sea to Sky Highway
It all started when our friends gave us the advice to read Dave Ramsey’s book, “Total Money Makeover”, and become debt-free. During the high of paying off loans and credit cards, we started to debate what to do with the extra money we were saving from our paychecks. It became pretty obvious that we wanted to go on an epic adventure; maybe eating our way through Europe, exploring the ruins of Machu Pichu, or viewing the magical northern lights. 
Then we decided to raise the bar.
Why stop there? We are young – this is our chance! Remington threw out the idea of driving the Pan-American Highway; something he has dreamed about since his youth. Irene encountered people traveling the Pan-American highway during her summer in Alaska and remembered the excitement in their eyes. At that point, it was pretty much a done deal. We decided to spend a year and a half driving the Pan-American highway. Allll the way up to Alaska and then down to the bottom of South America.

So here we are – about to embark on the journey of a lifetime, about to immerse ourselves in foreign cultures, about to test our marriage in yet unknown ways. We are going to see the arctic ocean, ancient ruins, active volcanoes, wild jungles, and vast deserts. We are going to live in our truck, live without internet, and live under the stars. Most days we are stoked beyond belief. Other days, we are scared out of minds and doubt our sanity. But, we know if we pass up this opportunity, then we will forever be disappointed in ourselves. We also know that we are happier together than we are apart, that some of our favorite memories are spent exploring nature and God’s beauty, and that there is a whole world we have yet to experience. This trip isn’t about escaping reality or quitting our jobs. We are pretty content and happy with our current lives. It is about taking time to be Irene and Remington, and growing as a couple. We are incredibly thankful for our friends and family who encouraged us during the planning process, who listened to us talk about the trip again and again (and again), who asked us the hard questions about the trip, and who gave us their loving support even though they are nervous for us.

If you want to follow our adventure, then we will be occasionally posting to our blog, Tentspiration, and Instagram. We aren’t positive how often we will post content, but we definitely want to share our adventure with you.  We will also have a GPS device sharing our location with family and friends if you want to see where we are currently. Don’t be concerned if our location shows us staying on the beach for a week. Finally, come visit us! Seriously, do it. It will be so exciting to see you. Our schedule is fairly flexible and we will love to meet up with anyone along the way.

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