We dubbed one of our house’s rooms the “Adventure Room” to store all of our outdoor gear. For a while, our tent was tent set up and one night Irene was sitting in the tent while Remington was at the workbench. Inside the tent, Irene decided she wanted to start an outdoor blog and Tentspiration was born.

Tentspiration is a fun way for us to document our adventures and hopefully, it is helpful to others. We are creating local content for the upstate of South Carolina with the hopes of providing practical information to plan your next adventure.

Irene & Remington

We are a young, married couple in the beautiful city of Greenville, SC. We are pretty normal (whatever that is) :  we have bachelors degrees, eight-to-five jobs, and share a love for the outdoors. Our first date was mountain biking, and the first time we said, “I love you”, was on a camping trip. We both grew up with families that instilled an appreciation for the outdoors through family hikes and hours spent wandering the backyard.


After Irene’s freshman year of college, she spent a summer working in the wilderness of Alaska. Back at school, she ached for the freedom of the woods and applied for a job with the Outdoor Rec department. This was a catalyst for Irene’s outdoor adventures; giving her new experiences, bringing her to new locations, and exposing her to a range of gear.


Remington spent most of his childhood playing competitive soccer and was a member of the local boy scout troop. After giving up soccer in college, Remington sought another outlet for his energy. He started to go fly-fishing, mountain biking, camping, and canoeing (although he didn’t know he liked canoeing until he met Irene).



Our latest adventure is overlanding the Pan-American highway. We will be driving from South Carolina, up to Alaska, and then down to Patagonia. You can follow our travels here.

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