In July 2019, we are hitting the open road and driving the Pan-American highway. The Pan-American highway is a network of highways that stretch from Alaska down to Patagonia. Never head of the Pan-American? Expedition Overland did a pretty amazing job documenting their trip on YouTube.  We are planning to use the highway as a general route and take plenty of time to soak up the scenery and local culture. Still wondering why we are doing this? Read about our decision here.

Miles Driven


Days on the Road


*Numbers are not updated real time…we are out exploring!

Countries Visited


The Route

Our route for driving the Pan-American highway starts from our home in South Carolina and then heads north to Alaska. From there, we will generally follow the west coast down to Patagonia.

The route is more of a general idea. We are trying not to get caught up in specific destinations or a timeline, and just letting what happens happen.

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