Fishing the Davidson River


The other weekend Remington and I decided to take a break from the backcountry of Pisgah Forest and visit the ever popular Davidson River to do some fishing. Pisgah National Forest is a little over an hour north of Greenville, which makes it the perfect day or weekend trip. The Davidson River is one of the most popular fly fishing rivers in the area because it is easily accessible and it is home to wild brown, rainbow, and brook trout.

The Davidson River follows US-276 into Pisgah Forest with numerous pull-outs along the road where you can access the river. There is a large bend in US-276 where the river tends to be less crowded. Remington and I pulled over at the bend and started to look for a fishing spot. It was one of the first beautiful weekends in spring so it felt like everywhere we looked there was another fisherman. We eventually picked a spot with other fishermen roughly 100 feet away in both directions. Remington and I slowly made our way up the river and caught a small brown trout.


The fish in the Davidson River are known for being “wise” because it is so heavily fished. One of the tricks to fly fishing is using flies that represent bugs currently in season. Trout Unlimited works to help protect the Davidson River and their website offers great tips on which flies to use when you visit. The river has cool mountain water, so wearing waders is suggested, however the water will feel refreshing if you don’t have waders. The Davidson River is very clear with a rocky bottom, so it is a beautiful place to spend the day even if you don’t have much luck fishing.

Looking Glass Falls
Slick Rock Falls

If you want to take a break from fishing, then there are numerous points of interest near the river. These include Looking Glass Falls and Mountain, Sliding Rock, John Rock, and the fish hatchery. Remington and I decided to visit Looking Glass Falls and Slick Rock Falls. Looking Glass Falls is a 60 foot waterfall located off of US-276. Similar to the river, this is a very popular destination because of it’s easy accessibility. It is a beautiful waterfall, so it is worth a quick stop and dealing with the crowds. Slick Rock Falls is just past the fish hatchery on Forest Road 475B, which is a dirt road with some pot holes. This is a smaller, less-crowded waterfall than Looking Glass Falls. The falls are located on the side of the road with an enjoyable trail that continues to the bottom of large rock faces.

After a day of fishing and hiking we were ready for some rest and relaxation. We headed to the Sierra Nevada brewery for a burger and beer, and then made our way back to Greenville.


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