Paddling Lake Robinson

Lake Hartwell, Lake Keowee, and Lake Jocassee normally pop into people’s minds when they think about lakes in the Upstate of South Carolina. Most people completely forget, or don’t know about, Lake Robinson. Lake Robinson looks like a miniature version of Lake Jocassee with its picturesque views of the mountains and its calm waters free of fast power boats. There are numerous inlets and forested shorelines, making paddling around the lake a true pleasure. Best of all the lake is only 30 minutes from downtown Greenville; it is the perfect evening and weekend escape.


Lake Robinson is located in Greer, SC and it is owned by the Greer Commission of Public Works. The city of Greer maintains a recreational area on the south side of the lake which includes a boat ramp, docks, fishing piers, picnic tables, shelters, and restrooms. The facilities are in such great condition that we have gone to the lake to just to have a picnic and enjoy the view.


There are a couple of things that tend to deter people from visiting Lake Robinson. The major deterrents are that the you are required to register your boat and pay for an additional fishing license. Don’t get hung up on this! It is only a $30 annual fee for a non-motorized boat and motorized boats under 10 hp. The permits are purchased near the boat ramp at the warden’s office. There is only one warden on duty at a time and if he is out patrolling the lake, then you can buy a permit the next time you visit. There is a sign on the warden’s door explaining this rule. If you plan to go fishing, then you will also need to buy a $5 license and have an active South Carolina fishing license. The same rule applies for fishing as boating; if the warden is out, then you can fish without buying a permit.

Trust me, once you are out on the water exploring the coves and soaking in the mountain views you will completely forget about having to buy a permit. Lake Robinson’s convenient location allows you to get out on the water on any given day without any hassle; it is an ideal getaway from the city life.




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