Hi! We are Irene and Remington! We are a young, married couple in the beautiful city of Greenville, SC. To be honest, we are pretty normal (whatever that is): we have bachelors degrees, eight-to-five jobs, and share a love for the outdoors. Our first date was mountain biking, and the first time we said, “I love you”, was on a camping trip. We both grew up with families that instilled an appreciation for the outdoors. Neither of our families were outdoor adventure extremists, but we have fond memories of family hikes and hours spent wandering the backyard.

About Irene: After Irene’s freshman year of college, she spent a summer working in the wilderness of Alaska. When she returned back to school she ached for the freedom of the woods and applied for a job with the Outdoor Rec department. This was a catalyst for Irene’s outdoor adventures; giving her new experiences, bringing her to new locations, and exposing her to a range of gear.

About Remington: Remington spent most of his childhood playing competitive soccer and was a member of the local boy scout troop. After giving up soccer in college, Remington sought another outlet for his energy. He started to go fly-fishing, mountain biking, camping, and canoeing (although he didn’t know he liked canoeing until he met Irene).

Why are we doing this?

We have found that a lot of people want to get outside, but they don’t know where to start; they don’t know where to go, what gear to bring, or they are intimidated. We hope to remove that intimidation and help our readers to just get out there. There are plenty of sites that provide trail reports, but a trail report is only a fraction of the information needed to enjoy your trip. We want to give you all the details and connect you to reliable resources.

Why the name Tentspiration?

We converted one of the rooms in our house into an adventure room. We have a tent setup, sleeping bags spread out, and a work bench prepared. The tent is the perfect retreat for a quick nap or a place to think. One night Irene was sitting in the tent while Remington was at the work bench. It occurred to Irene that she goes to the tent for inspiration for this website thus Tentspiration was born.

See you out there!


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